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Who are we?

Highlight Films is the leading production services house in Israel. Established in 1998, and since then specializing in providing professional video, TV and film production services in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

What are we doing?Production services for film, video and TV productions in Israel: Highlight Films

We provide full production services for international productions of news reportsdocumentary filmscorporate videos;  TV shows and independent feature films filmed in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Vr 360 video production, 3D film and video, aerial filming and an extensive stock footage library, available for online licensing.

Who are our customers?

Most of our customers are production companies, broadcasters, commercial companies and public organizations from all over the world. Among them, many have been collaborating with us in a variety of projects along the years in the production of their projects in Israel.

Which production services do we provide?Production services for film, video and TV productions in Israel: Highlight Films

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Highlight Films is a one stop shop for anything
a professional video or film production may need, in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Our production experts – line producers, production managers, location managers and production fixers – have an excellent success record.

Thanks to that, there are plenty of satisfied filmmakers
and executive
s around the world who can tell about their experience with us in their productions: whether of their documentary films, corporate videos, news report, reality TV show or any other audio-visual project we handled in Israel or Palestine.Production services for film, video and TV productions in Israel: Highlight Films logo

To sum it up…

We think that we are the best local production partner in Israel. So come and try us…

And in case you can’t find what you are looking for on this website, just use the contact form, drop us an email or give us a call.
We are always glad to help…


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